Best Sports Line Movement Tracker

Best Sports Line Movement Tracker

When it comes to sports betting, individual bettor or betting syndicate is referred to as sharp and they are taken by the sports books. The bettors wager huge money on games and see their wager as an investment rather than casual bets. As a result, the term sharp is considered as a side of the game that the experts are betting on. Thus, knowing how to follow the sharp money is beneficial in the long run. Let’s discuss the sharp money.

Know To Operate SportsBooks

The first thing is it is important to understand how sportsbooks are operated in order to follow sharp money. Generally, the public believes that sports books aim to receive an equal amount of wagers on both sides of the game. However, the assumption is totally wrong, sportsbooks are looking for making profits. Oddsmakers are well aware of the tendencies of casual bettors and so they like to bet on favorites over on game totals. In result, sportsbooks will offer favorable lines for the side they believe.

Track Line Movements And Betting Percentage

It is better to track the opening lines, current lines, and public betting percentage for each and every game before start betting. Also, the opening and current lines should be compared in order to determine the direction of the line move towards. In addition, the betting percentage refers to determine the number of wagers placed on one side of the game but not the amount wagered. For instance, if 75 people wagers on team A and 25 people wagers on Team B, then the betting percentage would be spilled of 75% to 25%. However, both teams wagered amount will be completely different. Thus, track the lines by using the best sports line movement tracker.

Reverse Line Movements

In sports betting, line movements will not go in the direction that you will expect. If 75% of people betting on team A by expecting 4.0 favorite, the line movements may not go as they expected and may increase or decrease which is called reverse line movement. The reverse line movement happens due to the fact, so assurance for winning in sports game betting. As a result, the sportsbooks will be forced to adjust the line to attract the bets on the other side. So, don’t forget to track reverse line movements by using the reverse line movement tracker.

Betting Percentage

Bet Early Or Bet Late

In general, the expert is used to bet early after releasing of lines and late belongs to betting on lines closing time. Betting earlier allows the bettor to take advantage of initial numbers but that has not been affected by other bettors.


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