Why is my bitcoin not showing in my wallet?

Why is my bitcoin not showing in my wallet?

When your bitcoin is not showing in your wallet, check your receiving address to ensure the bitcoin core transaction. It is because there you can find a transaction list. However, if you cannot find that or does not appear on the blockchain, then you need to contact the sending one and ask them why the bitcoin core has not been sent. If the transaction does not appear in the blockchain, you could not able to see the bitcoin core in your wallet follow the below-mentioned instructions.

This instruction only applies to the bitcoin.com wallet

  • All you need to do is select your BTC wallet and tap the setting option in the top right of your screen
  • In the setting option, you can find more options button click it and select the transaction history from that option.
  • In the transaction history, you will find a clear cache option so tap on the option and clear the cache and synchronizes your transaction from the server.

After doing the processes, still bitcoin not showing in my wallet then follow these steps.

  • First, select your bitcoin core wallet and tap on the settings and select wallet addresses from the more options.
  • From the wallet addresses, select unused addresses 20 times, or don’t stop to tap it until you see the messages that empty addresses limit reached.
  • Once you will receive the messages select the scan addresses for funds option.


These are the two different ways to short out the problems of bitcoin transactions not showing up on blockchain.

However, if you are not getting the result even after doing these steps, then you need to contact the authorized persons in order to solve bitcoin not showing up in the wallet.

Thus, make use of the information and fix these problems without anyone’s help.


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