How to make website voice search friendly?

How to make website voice search friendly?

The impact of technology had made a better future. There was a new technology that arrived to make the search patterns easy. At the start of technology and internet people uses to search by typing the keyword. Now a day it has been simpler to search after the discovery of search recognition by voice, patters, biometrics, etc.

The new technology that allows you to search by using voice prompt is voice search. Nearly 50% of people are using voice search in 2020. If you need accurate information as soon as possible in a short period, the best option is voice search. Here is 3 best SEO practice to make website search-friendly.

Conversational queries instead of keywords:

It is very easy voice search when you go with a voice search pattern rather than typing the keywords phrases. These tips help you to optimize your content for voice search.

voice search pattern

  • Size: The size factors are more important when you come to tell about voice search. There is a huge difference speaking 100 words per minute and typing 30 words per minute. In voice search people only utter keywords and not the whole thing they search.
  • Ask queries not questions: there is a lot of difference between a question and queries. Queries shorter and starts with what, when, why, who, and where. Questions are lengthy sentences.

Vocal business:

  • Whenever people search for locations it firstly shows the business companies near the location. It is the best way to promote your business through voice search.
  • You have to be sure of whether your company name, address, phone numbers are frequently listed.
  • Earn as many as online reviews and ratings for the voice search. People must search a website for a wordto get reviews and ratings.
  • You should follow the competitors’ company in local rankings.

Go mobile:

Most people take their mobile phone so it is a must to make your company website friendly with mobile phones to make the voice search-friendly. It is a must to check for the seep of the website using Google-friendly test to have a good performance.

The trending thing which is handy is a voice search to adapt to this new consequence you must follow to make sure whether your business website is optimized. You have to know more about voice search and SEO techniques to make your business grow through the website. You must optimize your website for text search and also optimize your website for voice search.


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