How to transfer money from a forex card to a bank account?

How to transfer money from a forex card to a bank account?

Have you ever tried to transfer the money from the Forex card to your bank account? If you are not yet tried due to unaware of the process, try it by using simple methods. Generally, the people will have money in their Forex card who back to their own place after a long day trip. One of the best features of the Forex card is you can able to transfer the money from the Forex card to any account. If you want to know the process of transfer money from prepaid Forex card to bank account continue your reading.

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When you go for a trip or professional work to another place or country, you need to be very careful to maintain your money. Transferring money into your Forex card is the safest place, so in order to make your trip easier and convenient carry your money in Forex card. The card is protected from the pin can be used for both online and physical payments. Also, the Forex card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad with lower charges. The major advantage of carrying the card is you are protected from currency fluctuations as rates are locked while loading money in the card.

Also, reloading money, tracking your transactions and activities is possible anywhere and anytime through net banking. The card also gives insurance in case any unfortunate event happens and provides 24/7 customer service for you.

loading money in the cardGenerally, there are two different ways available to transfer money from a Forex card to a bank account. One of the methods is to visit your bank and ask them to transfer the money Forex card to Specific accounts. However, your pin is required to transfer the money, so if the authority asks your pin don’t hesitate to give provide that.

Another method is you can transfer money from hdfc Forex card to hdfc bank account by calling phone banking. For that, you need to have a card number and customer ID.


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